Happy International Women’s Day 2022

I aspire for a inclusive and gender equal world. A world free of discrimination, stereotypes and biases. A world where we all strive for inclusiveness, equality and diversity in all walks of life, especially in and at work places. I am committed to playing my part in making it happen, are you?

Our women and LGBT colleagues don’t need any help or charity, especially from us the men folks. All they expect is a culture and environment of fairness, respect, equality & inclusiveness without any biases. Let’s take pride in seeing people of all genders thrive and realise their full potential and live and work happily. I take immense pride in working for a company that believes in this and lives it everyday.

Together we can all #breakthebias and let’s do it. Wishing everyone a happy International Women’s Day 2022

#diversity #work #culture #people #gender #respect #environment #genderequality #inclusion #iwd2022 #internationalwomensday

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