CHROs need to be adept at Crisis Management and Business Continuity. During huge crisis of proportions like, COVID-19

This COVID-19 global pandemic and crisis has made me realize how crucial it is for the CHROs to lead from the Front, in managing an unprecedented crisis like this one. Especially, Leading the Crisis/Disaster Recovery and Business Continuty planning and it’s execution is now a key capability of any CHRO. For the past two weeks, I am working round the clock to ensure total safety and well being of all our employees and their loved ones and balancing it with business continuity. Best part, I am increasingly becoming more positive, passionate and relentless about it.

Pharma companies like ours, in India are under the essential commodities and services act. Hence, we have to keep producing and supplying medicines to our customers and patients in India and the world. We at Lupin are blessed to have colleagues who, despite the dangerous threat of COVID-19 are responding to their “call of duty” and are working in our manufacturing plants and other essential sites across the company without hesitation, like brave soldiers.

This is a war – the soldiers this time come in a different form, they are our Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare and Pharma Company Workers and Executives, Police and others essential services workers. We are working – so you can stay at home, please stay safe and at home responsibly. I have learnt that there are only two ways to break this COVID-19 virus infection chain 1) Social-distancing and Self-quarantine and 2) Test every person for COVID-19 who shows flu like symptoms and if detected positive then, isolate them and treat them. First one is preventive and second one is reactive.

We have been working very closely on a daily basis with India’s Central and various other State Governments (CMs, Health Ministers of the Sates, Police Commissioners and Collectors of various Districts, etc). It been a joy working with them, they are working hard and round the clock to manage and eliminated the crisis. I am seeing a commitment and will in these people, that is unparalleled and inspiring. Especially our Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray CMOMaharashtra and Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope, have been leading from the front and are doing an excellent job, so are other leaders in most other states. Let’s support them and not find faults in their actions. They are open to suggestions and are seeking support and cooperation from us. Let’s rise to the occasion, please don’t be negative, cynical and behave like a bad back seat driver.

Did you know: India has been in the forefront of fighting this crisis. We are one of the first early stage & fastest country to shutdown for social distancing and home quarantine, as compared to any other. India is now in the top quartile in terms of testing capacity and capability of COVID-19, worldwide. We aren’t a wealthy country and don’t have many resources like most other advanced nations, but this disease doesn’t attack or spread looking at the per-capita income. I am sure we aren’t doing many things right or could have done them earlier or better – but it’s important to trust or leaders and system, follow the guidelines and instructions they are giving and stay positive, constructive and behave responsibly.

Few negative and cynical people are continuously complaining, ranting, fear mongering or joking about the crisis and are only pointing out the faults of our governments response… Please stay away from such people, they could be as destructive and dangerous as this virus.

StayatHome #StaySafe #DontHideThisillness #BePositive #CrisisManagement #BusinessContinuity #COVID19 #Pandemic #CHRO #Leadership

3 thoughts on “CHROs need to be adept at Crisis Management and Business Continuity. During huge crisis of proportions like, COVID-19

  1. Great view Yash, This is time we show our strength of Unity and integrity. we work together, and support all those who are associated with this fight directly and indirectly. and play our role to stay at home and follow govt instructions. Thanks, Hariharan

  2. I agree and one need to be very careful and supportive to each and every instruction and guidance given local, state and central governments. Under the guidance of Lupin top management we are also taking lot of steps to make every effort for business continuity while maintaining personal hygiene and PPE at work

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