SHRM India, Conference 2016.#SHRMI16


Society for Human Resource Management  (SHRM) is a professional body that works towards the interest of Human Resource professionals across the globe. SHRM promotes the role of HR as a profession and provides education, certification, and networking to its members. SHRM Global Site

I am a member of this society for many years and have tremendously benefited for its offerings and services. This year, I had the privilege of attending its annual global conference in Washington, US along with my friend and colleague from the faternity Mr Santrupt Mishra of Aditya Birla Group. It was as an amazing learning and networking experience; 22000 delegates, more than 150 speakers and learning tracks, the keynote sessions were absolutely awesome. It was a true international event of and for HR professionals and academicians from numerous nations. For the first time I saw and experienced the might of SHRM.

SHRM India (SHRM India Site) is the Indian wing that’s focused on the same objectives of SHRM in the Indian Sub-continent. It’s run by a team of very competent and passionate professionals with Achal Khanna at the helm. SHRM India organise their annual conference every year in India and in my opinion it’s the most premier event of HR in our sub-continent. If you’re an HR professional, It’s an event that’s not to be missed. Best is to attend it in person and if you cannot then you can still stay connected and learn and contribute via social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and the blogs on SHRM India site). The #tag for this event is #SHRMI16 – SHRM India Conference 2016 Site

In the professional growing up days, especially early in-career, I used to make it a point to identify on or two main conferences in India and attend the same with a clear objective of learning and networking. The learning obtained and the networks I created helped me tremendously to grow and advance my career. You can’t get your company to sponsor you for every conference that you wish to attend. I say, invest in it from your pocket. I used to do it and those wise investments helped me tremendously. Like a knowledge hungry person, I would attend each session with energy and enthussiam and never missed the networking events. In those days there was no social media and no mobile, now we have it. So my advise is, leverage it and learn.

I will be attending this years event starting tomorrow. I am also a speaker at the event. If you’re there see you at the event and if not then let’s stay connected on the various social media channels that I will be present on during the conference.

One of the highlights of the conference is the book launch by Abhijit Bhaduri the title is The Digial Tsunami. I had the pleausre of pre-reading the book and I say, “Its a very powerful narrative of the digital disruption thats already happened and whats to come. It will help HR professionals to brace themselves and be prepared to learn about the digital disruption and be able to leverage it. Its a must read”


Meet the #SHRMI Blog squad and stay connected with them on prominent social media channels.


Happy learning and wish we have a nice conference.

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