A Picture of Harmony and Respect. This is real India.

I saw the picture on my Facebook timline today (Shared by friends and courtesy Siddharth Vaidya). His post says “Due to shortage of space in Masjid, the Eid namaz was offered in Ganapati Pandal today…. Colaba, Mumbai…..Proud to be an Indian”

This picture and its story – gives me immense joy. The smile continues to linger and refuseses to dissolve today 🙂

The richness and joy of diversity emanates from co-existence of differing faiths, cultures, ethnicities, thoughts, genders, etc, etc. From my perspective, the two basic requirements for peaceful co-existence and harmony are tolerance and respect (towards things that differ from our established beliefs) – especially involving faith, culture and thoughts. 

The ability and maturity of individuals and society – to tolerate and respect diversity in or around their world – defines or marks the level of civility.

India is fortunate to be the most diverse county in this world and we should boisterously celebrate it. It’s about time we seek and get joy and strength from it and not pain and tears. Let’s set standards of civility that others shall aspire for. 

As a photographer, how I wish, I clicked this picture. As an Indian I am happy that, someone clicked it and shared it with me.  

Eid Mubarak and Jai Hind!

4 thoughts on “A Picture of Harmony and Respect. This is real India.

  1. युनान, मिस्र,रोमा
    सब मिट गये जहाँ से
    बाकि मगर है अब तक
    नामो निशाँ हमारा
    कुछ बात है कि हस्ति
    मिटती नहीं हमारी
    सदियों रहा है दुश्मन
    दौरे जहाँ हमारा

  2. if such human gestures and religious tolerance was displayed in past 68 years india would have taken a bigger leap forward,and yes several thousan lives ( lost in riots) ,and lacs of orphened children too would have seen happier days.

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