Having a rhythm in your life is so important for personal sustainability. Nice blog 🙂

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Simple dictionary meaning of “rhythm” is – “movement or variation characterized by the regular recurrence or alternation of different qualities or conditions”. 


It is of uttermost importance in our very own well-being, throwing a little light on this simple yet complex functioning of  rhythm……..


My association with Niraamaaya (a woldorf inspired curative therapy centre for children with special needs) as a curative educator has further inspired me in knowing the facts associated with following the rhythms in our daily life and how to cater to your well-being by being in tune with them.


Penning down a brief introduction to the science of chronobiology. Let us begin with the daily (circadian) rhythms in the natural world. Take for e.g. the ability of organisms to meet the challenge posted by daily changes, if they can predict them.

The nocturnal creatures surface during the night and the diurnal which are…

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